" The scope of man’s intelligence is limitless. He is governed only by the strength of his imagination, his vision and his ability to recognise and exploit the vast universe of knowledge available to him. "

Who are we?

The Armadillo Consulting Group is a strategic corporate communications consultancy.

We are headquartered in London with a network of offices covering North America, Continental Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Irrespective of which markets our clients operate in, we support them in making decisive improvements in their direction, performance and profitability.

Armadillo was formed in 1992 on the premise that the consultancy would be staffed only by talented people with the experience to deliver tangible results that would impact positively on our clients' bottom lines.

Companies that are single-minded in the objective to be at the top enjoy having us as part of their team because we are as passionate about their success as they are.

We have often been asked why the name Armadillo. It was not because we are thick skinned but because we wanted to stand out from the crowd, be seen to be different!

And since 1992 we have certainly made a difference for our clients - and continue to do so.