" Nothing can withstand the power of the human will if it is willing to stake its very existence to the extent of its purpose. "
- Benjamin Disraeli

Our Consultants

We are staffed only by talented individuals who have the professionalism, experience and maturity to deliver results that impact positively on our clients' bottom lines.

"Our business is one of creative and lateral thinking. Sometimes the obvious works but more often than not the best results come from challenging the obvious."

Janine Wood, Senior Partner

Lloyd Mullenger, Senior Partner

"It's not simply awareness that matters. It's the way in which people come into contact with an organisation and its products or services that is most important."

Lloyd Mullenger, Senior Partner

At first glance, we may appear to be like any other consultancy. But that's where any similarity ends!

There are no ducks within the Armadillo Consulting Group, just eagles driven by an ambition to soar to greater heights, seek out new opportunities and remain undeterred by what others see as obstacles.

Our dedication is not confined to personal gains but to those of our clients and our organisation in equal measure.

We select our people on the basis of their intelligence, experience, integrity and, above all, the passion to make a difference. Our ethos is to stay focused, be tenacious and have fun along the way.